Cute Myra Fox

Hi there! Welcome to the Carrd! Take a look around, I hope you like what you see!

About Me

Hi there! I'm Myra, or as I'm commonly known Cute Myra Fox. I am 22 years old bisexual female with her/she pronouns. A rather weird variety video game streamer on Twitch, and a lover of all things fluffy and/or adorable. I have been called bubbly, spunky, weird, cute and silly before, all of which I agree. In my opinion, life always feels too short to be sad or angry all the time. And a simple joke or funny moment usually turns the day around.

But what got me into Stream specifically is my good friends Arctic and Blood. For a few weeks, as my first experience on Twitch in general both on stream and using the platform. It was the most fun I had ever had. Arctic's community was a fantastic place for my first time on Twitch. Just sitting in a call and playing Pokémon Sword with him, it was amazing. And after some pushing, I finally got up the courage to do it myself.

That really brings us to today. I'm a very imaginative person, so I like to imagine my channel is my little Cuddle Corner Café. A cute little milkshake shop where you can come in, get some snacks, watch a movie or fall asleep in one of the piles of pillows and blankets. Everything I want from my community is a safe, understanding place for people to come and just relax and have fun. Because in hard times, having just something that makes you smile is worth the world.

So if you have found me on Twitch, lets go over this again. I am the wonderfully silly Kitsune of the Feral Lineage the Cute Myra Fox. The Feral Lineage a small streamer group who I share a discord server with. Those Fabulous streaming beans are ArcticDeathwater, Blood Yeen, Dash the Wolf, Clappietrappie and SageDoggo.

If you do stop by, I hope you enjoy your stay. BTW, if you made it all the way down here thanks for reading all about me. I tend to have a lot to say, but fail to say. So thank you!

Please note if you try to friend me on Discord I will decline, I want to keep my discord DMs private for friends only. Thank you!

Commands During Stream

General Stream Commands

  • !appreciate

  • !hug

  • !love

  • !cuddle

  • !tickle

  • !lurk

  • !magiclurk

  • !twitter

  • !discord

Please note not all commands are working due to me resetting my PC, I am working on it!

Stream Redeem Commands

  • !lance

  • !kuro

  • !endergmr

  • !highfive

  • !dis

  • !clappie

  • !arctic

  • !blood

  • !cute

  • !lucky

  • !magecutie

  • !sage

  • !sinful

  • !snug

  • !tech

Kappamon Commands

  • !beautiful

  • !dance


Below is all the art I've commissioned for ref sheets and random bits of art for myself! Click on the picture to get a link to the artists!

Twitch Artwork

This is all the artwork used on my Twitch channel from alerts, banners, screens badges and emotes! Click on the picture to get a link to the artists!